Slip And Fall

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Slip and fall accidents can be overwhelming. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average cost for a hospital visit after these accidents is more than $30,000. They also result in about $70 billion in worker’s compensation claims and medical costs each year.

As troubling as those statistics are, many of these injuries can be prevented if businesses did what they were supposed to do to protect their clients and workers. If they did not and you were injured, you might be able to recover damages. The personal injury attorneys at Ross & Ross, P.C., will work with you to get you compensation you need.

There Are Laws That Could Affect Your Outcome

The court will use several laws and regulations to determine your case. They include:

Statute of Limitations

You have three years from the date of your accident to file your claim. If you miss the deadline, the court is likely to dismiss your case. If someone died after the accident, you have three years from the date of their death to file.

The owner’s legal responsibilities

The results of your case will also depend on whether you can prove that the property owner’s negligence.

There are three legal standards used to determine the owner’s liability. One of them must have happened.

  • Did they or their employee cause the hazard.
  • Did they or their employee know about the danger yet do nothing to fix it.
  • Should the owner/employee have known about the hazard.

Modified Comparative Negligence Rule

You can recover the percentage of your case if you were 50 percent or less responsible for the accident. As an example, if it is determined that your actions caused 10 percent of the accident, you could still recover 90 percent of your damages.

The owner’s attorney could argue:

  • You should have known about the dangerous conditions.
  • The dangers were blocked off.
  • You were not as attentive as you should have been.
  • You contributed to your injuries.

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