Business Formation And Transactions

Western Massachusetts Business Formation And Litigation

At the AV-rated* law firm of Ross & Ross, P.C., in Springfield, our attorneys provide comprehensive advice and representation for new and established businesses of all types. If you need advice about entity selection and business formation, the purchase or sale of business assets, the resolution of a corporate or partnership dispute, or any other legal problem that can arise in the course of your operations, please contact one of our business attorneys.

Entity selection and business formation. The main point of organizing and registering your business as a corporation, limited liability company or other recognized entity is to draw a bright line between your business interests and your personal assets for purposes of taxation and liability risk. We can help you through the process of choosing the right business form based on your management style, capital structure and risk tolerance. Our lawyers will also take care of all the details of documentation and registration. Your new business will come into existence clean and ready for your next move.

Operations and business transactions. Many western Massachusetts retailers, restaurants, professional practice groups and real estate companies depend on Ross & Ross, P.C. in much the same way that a larger corporation relies on its general counsel’s office. We make sure that all of your contracts and agreements accurately express your intentions, provide for the risk of nonperformance or loss, and advance your business’s goals for growth and profits. We can draft the forms you use every day and also protect your interests in such areas as equipment or real property leasing, insurance, employment, and regulation. Our lawyers can also update your partnership or operating agreement, corporate bylaws, or other basic organizational and management instruments as your changing needs require.

Purchase and sale of business assets. Whether yours is a family business or a mid-cap company exploring new markets, opportunities to sell your business, acquire another company or merge with another entity will probably arise sooner or later. If the time is right for your company to enter a new phase, we can advise you and protect your interests in all aspects of a merger, sale or acquisition. Our lawyers can take care of the disclosure, due diligence and documentation aspects of your deal through closing. We can also advise you about joint ventures, stock buybacks, partner buyouts and other corporate transactions that will significantly alter the shape of your business. For family businesses, we can show you how to incorporate the sale of business assets or management succession considerations into a balanced estate plan.

Business and corporate litigation. For many small businesses, their attorney’s ability to assert or defend their interests in court is an essential aspect of the professional relationship. At Ross & Ross, P.C., we have a 75-year tradition of excellence in litigation. We stand behind our advice and documentation in court whenever our client’s interests demand it. While we do everything possible to resolve commercial or corporate disputes at a stage far short of trial, our extensive experience with business litigation gives our clients an extra measure of confidence.

For additional information about the range of our business and corporate practice from business formation to sale or merger, please contact a lawyer at Ross & Ross, P.C., in Springfield.