What are some common causes of trucking accidents?

What are some common causes of trucking accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck accidents are among the most harrowing experiences a person can have. Any number of issues can cause one of these devastating collisions.

With foresight, motorists may be able to avoid truck accidents by knowing the common causes.

Reasons for accidents where the truck operator or owner is liable

Reckless driving and distracted driving are common causes of truck accidents. These negligent actions put others in harm’s way, and truckers must be particularly careful to avoid these offenses because their vehicles are so dangerous.

Driving under the influence is illegal for all motorists, but commercial drivers must maintain stricter standards than others. In Massachusetts, the legal limit for commercial drivers is .04%.

Fatigue is one of the most common reasons a trucker might cause a collision. Operators often work long hours, especially for understaffed companies. Though the law mandates drivers to record their hours and take sufficient rest, a company may violate this law, or a driver who moonlights could create a hazardous situation.

Poor truck loading or lax vehicle maintenance can also lead to malfunctions where drivers lose control and crash. Insufficient driver training or unrealistic schedules could also make the company responsible for a trucker’s errors if an accident happens.

Other reasons for collisions

Driver-related factors are only the source of a third of fatal large truck crashes. Other circumstances could put the liability on someone else’s shoulders.

Inclement weather can appear suddenly and create circumstances beyond any driver’s control. Poor road conditions can also lead to an accident. In that case, the entity responsible for road maintenance may be liable for the crash.

A truck driver might still be negligent when collisions are attributable to other causes. In such cases, injured parties must determine who is at fault to pursue damages from the correct entity.