Are long-term medical needs an aspect of a motor vehicle accident case?

Are long-term medical needs an aspect of a motor vehicle accident case?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries that often lead to long-term care and recovery needs. When you are facing that long road to recovery, you might wonder what it means for your claim when your recovery prognosis is long-term with a need for care on an unpredictable timeline.

You should understand how long-term medical care affects your claim.

Can you estimate your future medical costs?

Your medical records should detail the recovery period anticipated for your case. Based on that time period and the cost of the care that you are receiving, you can estimate your long-term medical costs in addition to the costs that you have already incurred. These costs, along with the rest of your documentation, are part of the settlement agreement information or evidence for the judge.

Is it possible for your settlement to cover those costs?

In most cases, the settlement for a car accident injury case includes your current medical costs, projected medical costs until you reach recovery, sustained medical costs if you are not expected to recover and potentially even punitive damages.

Recordkeeping is an important part of ensuring that you receive what you deserve as part of your settlement. Make sure you can support your medical cost estimations based on your predicted recovery plan.

The better prepared you are for your claim, the easier it is to ensure that you can pay for your care. Car accident injuries can be substantial, and the costs associated with medical care for those injuries can add up quickly.