Types of workers’ comp benefits in Massachusetts

Types of workers’ comp benefits in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts workers can apply for compensation after a workplace injury. Depending on the extent of the injury, the individual may qualify for various types of benefits.

These are the eligibility requirements for the different types of workers’ compensation benefits in Massachusetts.

Permanent and total incapacity

When the employee can no longer perform any type of work because of his or her work-related illness and injury, he or she can apply for these benefits. Permanent disability constitutes 66% of the person’s average gross weekly wage, which is subject to a cost-of-living adjustment each year.

Temporary total incapacity

Temporary total incapacity applies when the person cannot work for at least six days after a work-related injury or illness. This benefit pays 60% of the average weekly wage earned in the year before the worker’s injury for up to 156 weeks, which need not be consecutive.


Temporary partial incapacity

Partial incapacitation means that the person cannot work as much as he or she did before the work-related illness or injury. This could include fewer hours or a different job with lower pay. Under this benefit, the employee can receive up to 75% of the weekly total temporary benefit amount, which is 60% of the person’s average weekly wage. These payments can last up to 260 weeks.

In addition, the employer’s workers’ compensation policy will pay for the employee’s medical bills. This includes all medical care and prescriptions as well as transportation to health care appointments. Other available workers’ comp benefits in Massachusetts include a one-time payment for permanent disfigurement, scarring or loss of function, as well as vocational rehabilitation services.