Settlements and Verdicts

  • 41 -year-old valve installer backs into an electrical panel
    Severe nerve injury
    Mediated $1,600,000.00
  • 7-year-old boy falls from jungle gym
    Fractured arm - doctor misjudged extent of injury
    Mediated $682,500.00
  • 26-year-old female motor vehicle accident rear-ended
    Low back surgery
    Mediated $400,000.00
  • 31 -year-old passenger one car accident suit against intoxicated driver and bar
    Losses two toes
    Jury verdict with interest $744,000.00
  • 56-year-old walking to work in early morning struck by car
    Survives for months then dies
    Verdict $1,005,000.00
  • 45-year-old patron of bar leaves tavern with drink in hand - assaulted by bouncer
    Fractured skull
    Mediated $180,000.00
  • 42-year-old worker at dry cleaner get caught In shirt press and is asphyxiated
    Suit against Shirt press manufacturer
    Mediated $575,000.00
  • 37-year-old driving to work and struck by tavern employee who became intoxicated at work
    Settled after closings $380,000.00
  • 28-year-old driver struck by mail postal truck
    Closed head injuries
    Settled $800,000.00
  • 70-year-old female misdiagnosed pap smear
    Settled $250,000.00